Henry L. Riggs, AIA

Henry L. Riggs, AIA



Architectural and Design Services

  • Concept planning
  • Working with zoning law
  • Architectural design
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction bidding
  • Administration of construction contracts

Project Management

  • Programming and budgeting
  • Site search and confirmation
  • Preliminary schedules
  • Architect selection process
  • Design administration
  • Construction cost estimating
  • Contractor selection
  • Bidding administration
  • Owners representative on site
  • Change process and Owner approval

The Firm

Henry Lawrason Riggs AIA is a Menlo Park firm emphasizing residential and village commercial design, as well as managing select institutional development projects. Local design projects range from several creative, low cost remodels and additions to new homes in various towns of the San Francisco peninsula. Managed projects include a state-of-the-art performing arts center, central facilities for a seminary and several seismic upgrade / remodel projects.

I just met Jackie this afternoon and was able to see the interior of the home you designed for her. To me, it is the most striking house in the neighborhood, even better than what I see in many "shelter" magazines. The materials, the details, the skylights, the shape and finish of the fireplace - all are fabulous. The house is fun yet dignified, has a unique character, and fits in well with the lot, the street, and the neighborhood.

-K. Valiasek

Henry, thank you for persuading me to make this ceiling in the store -- it is so beautiful!

-Y. Raza

Building or remodeling in the Bay Area presents unique challenges and opportunities. A successful project requires a sensitivity to clients needs as well as the talent and vision to create something exceptional. That vision is dependent on an architect who understands the nuances of our many neighborhoods and towns - and can create that vision amid the variety of zoning laws, planning regulations and changing building codes. That's Henry Riggs.

-J. McHenry