Henry L. Riggs, AIA

Henry L. Riggs, AIA



Parkside Avenue

This cottage in Hillsborough is built on a through lot, behind the main house.  There is also a 100 year old barn on the rear property line corner that was non-conforming under current code; we rebuilt it as “strengthening and new finishes” and it also now matches the shingle house and cottage.  Due to the town zoning code and the existing pool and driveway locations, the house has a very small footprint; we used low eaves for the second floor to minimize the profile.  Exposed beams make the first floor ceiling seem higher – ceiling electrical is cleverly hidden.  The cottage is designed to convert when the owner can no longer use stairs and has a live-in care giver.

The wood shingles are actually recycled and non flammable.  Exterior details yet to be finished include a picket railing at the dormer window.

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